Acoshneon DreamColor LED Strip Lights - Change The Mood In A Simple Way

The living room with TV and sofa is decorated with Acoshneon LED light strips emitting DreamColor light effects.

Every mood has a color, color and mood are very closely related. For example, the daily indoor phenomenon is warm white or cool white interior lighting, but you will exciting when you walk into a room filled with green, red, blue, or purple lighting, and the excitement maybe come from the color itself exist, but these are only indirectly affecting you. For now, we introduce to you one of the LED lighting products - Acoshneon RGBIC Led Strip Light. Next, we will tell you why adopting this light is the easiest and most suitable way.

What factors affect a person's mood?

There are many factors that can affect your mood, here are some factors in your life that affect your mood:

  • How well do you sleep.
  • The status of your work.
  • The ability to de-stress or relax.
  • Your living space.

Positive effects of lighting on people

Different colors of lighting have different effects, and positive effects include:

  • Light can improve sleep. Generally, darker rooms lead to better sleep. For example, people tend to sleep when it's dark because it's hard to fall asleep during the day, but lighting—not total darkness nor daytime light levels—is helpful. Studies have found that red light exposure can increase the body's melatonin levels by 75% and improve sleep quality. That is to say, red light not only does not inhibit the secretion of melatonin but promotes the secretion of melatonin, which is a kind of light that can improve sleep rhythm. And in a 2016 Oxford University study, it was found that green light may promote sleep because it reacts strongly with melanopsin.
The bedroom bed uses an acoshneon led strip and chooses red light to improve the quality of sleep.
  • Blue and green are good colors for stress relief and relaxation. Scientifically, blue lighting induces relaxation after stress three times faster than conventional white lighting, and the potential calming effects of blue light have also been found. If you need to get work done calmly, blue light is more suitable for your work. And green is also described by hospital architects and related healthcare professionals as a soothing light color. The use and observation of the green light in the hospital can explain that this color can calm the patient down when the green light is irradiated by some patients when they are in a tense state.
The corridor is equipped with led strips of light and a soothing green light is chosen.
  • Is your living space filled with bright but harsh lights? The right color can help create the right mood, and you can totally decorate a space that will allow you to relax, create a sense of tranquility, and even energize you to match your mood. Depending on the colors mentioned above, vibrant yellows and golds, warm oranges, and even dreamy iridescent colors can be achieved with RGBIC DreamColor led strip lights. Below, We'll walk you through a few simple ways our LED strips can be designed to affect how you feel and behave.
The sofa, curtains, and table in the living room were installed with RGBIC led strips and a fantastic rainbow of colors was chosen.

Get the lighting you want with Acoshneon

Whatever colored lights effect you seek, adding more color to your everyday life is simple. Some ideas include:

1. Choose a space you want to decorate

It could be your bedroom, living room, studio, or playroom.

2. Choose your light color

Just because you see a reference to a color that looks one way doesn't mean you can't add your own personal touch. You are the key to a perfect lighting effect. So, the color of your lights should reflect your personality and bring you into a world of DreamColors so that you can easily free yourself from everyday stress. Think of the things that bring happiness to your face and add those. Whether you're in the living room, bedroom, game room, or studio, you can't go wrong if the colors in your heart make you feel at ease.

3. Choose the right lamp

You can choose from our smart RGBIC led strip lights, which allow you to customize any color and lighting brightness. This means that with smart LED lighting, you can always create a one-of-a-kind light show for your space. Or you can browse our store to find a light strip that matches your desired mood!