Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the strip lights.
If you have other questions, please just send it to service@acoshneon.com.

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Pre Sale Questions

RGBIC led strip lights has special built-in IC chip that can display multiple colors at the same time on a single strip light. The RGB led strip lights is monochromatic.

Our LED strip lights are available in waterproof and non-waterproof respectively. However, the power adapter is not waterproof.Please refer to the product specifications or sales page to confirm that the light bar you have selected is waterproof.

Please follow these connection steps:

1/ Open the APP.

2/ Long press the controller button, the light strip will display red light and flash.

3/ Add a device with "+" in the upper right corner.

4/ Select the Lighting-Strip Lights(WI-FI).

5/ Add connection to WIFI (enter password).

6/ The light bar flashes normally, and then click "Next".

7/ Successfully connected.

1/ Remove the protective tape from the strip light slowly.

2/ Wipe the surface clean of dust and oil residue.

3/ Attach the strip light to any dry, clean surface.

4/ Do not allow your fingers to touch the adhesive.

5/ Please install claps near bends and turns to fix the LED strips.

Yes! The strip lights have a sign offering cuts, please find those signs and cut along them.

1/ All WIFI strip lights currently only support 2.4G WiFi, if you have a dual-band router and it shows 5G WiFi, then you can go into your router settings and switch to 2.4G WiFi..

2/ Confirm that the WiFi signal is suitable, try to move closer to the router or restart the router.

Please set the correct light strip length in the APP:

1/ If you bought 18LEDs/M (5m and 10m) set: Please set it in APP "Light Strip Length": 1.5M.

2/If you bought a set of 30LEDs/M (5m and 10m): Please set it in the APP "Light Strip Length": 2.5M.

3/ If you bought 30LEDs/M (15m and 20m) set: Please set it as: 3M in APP "Light Strip Length".

4/If you bought 60LEDs/M (5m and 10m) set: Please set it in APP "Light Strip Length": 5M.