Change your mood in a simple way encapsulates what we've been doing at Acoshneon since 2019.We make cost-effective LED strip lights that enrich everyone's lifestyle. And the support and satisfaction of our customers are what drive us along the way.

A family of four danced happily in a living room decorated with acoshneon led lights

What does Acoshneon mean?

It is abbreviated from "Acos" and "Neon". The prefix "Acos" means "telling". Acoshneon is a brand that means “the neon of telling stories”. Acoshneon focused on helping people tell their stories with a colourful atmosphere in the best way possible.

The villa with a swimming pool in the backyard is brighter and more colorful after the interior is decorated with acoshneon led light strips.

The Mission

Our mission is to keep innovation for greater brightness in every home and make your home smarter, colourful and unique.

The Promise

We are not just a supplier of Led lights; we aim to create a new experience for our customers with our products.
All the products we manufacture meet the safety and quality standards before leaving the factory. We are committed to providing high-quality products at an affordable price.
To build your confidence and make you satisfied, we are uncompromised with the quality.

The Service

Acoshneon makes the perfect LED Lights products for you. If you ever have problems, here is how you can reach us:service@acoshneon.com

Company Name: Shenzhen Tongjie E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
Address: A701, Niulanqian Building, Minzhi Avenue, Xinniu Community, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City

Official website: acoshneon.com