10 LED Strip Lights DIY ideas for Home Decor Enthusiasts

Ready to install LED strips in the middle of the door as decor lighting.

If you're looking to add some extra flair and ambiance to your home, LED strip lights are a simple and affordable option. These flexible, customizable lights can be used to highlight features, add accent lighting, and even create stunning visual effects. In this post, we'll share 10 DIY ideas for using LED strip lights in your home decor projects. 

10 LED strips DIY ideas to elevate your home

Decorating your home with LED lights is a great way to add a little extra something-something to your space. Not only do they make your house look good, but they can also be used for more than just decoration. Here are 10 DIY ideas for using LED strips to elevate your home's design.

1. Create LED Strip Light Furniture Lines

When it comes to furniture, LED strip light are a great way to add some fun and flair. For example, you can turn your couch into an LED seating area by installing LED strips on the backs of the couch and in between the cushions. This will create a line down the middle of your sofa that you can use as a design element when decorating your living room. You can also use this same concept for beds, desks, or tables that need extra light in order to function properly in certain areas of your home.

A strip of light from LED strips between the sofa back and cushions.

2. LED Strip Light Wall Art

If you have an artistic side and enjoy working with LEDs, this is the project for you. LED strip lights can be cut to any shape and length, so it's easy to get creative with them.

- Create a piece of wall art by shaping your strips into geometric designs or letters. Use adhesive tape on the backside to keep them in place while they dry. If there will be a lot of movement in your room (think: kids), consider attaching something stronger like screws or drywall anchors instead of tape.

- Use these same techniques to create a room divider that adds light as well as privacy! You could also use this idea outside with an aluminum frame around it to make it look more like art than DIY stuff lying around your house (but don’t forget about those little ones who might try walking into a wall).

- You can turn these into lightboxes by painting them black on both sides and placing white paper inside them so that when turned off at night all that shows through are pretty colors from outside shining through those translucent plastic sheets onto whatever picture you drew beforehand using markers or crayons. You could also try using colored paper inside for even more fun effects! This would be great for parties too; instead using LED lights inside just flip over some festive colored bulbs instead!

3. Add LEDs to a Hallway Mirror

A hallway mirror is a great place to add LED light strip. It’s important to use a frame that is easy to drill through, like wood or plastic. You can also use LEDs with adhesive backing for better fixation. Acoshneon LED lights designed for outdoor use are perfect for this project because they are waterproof and have a long lifespan, making them perfect for bathrooms and hallways with moisture or humidity. 

4. Elevated Bed with LED Lighting

An elevated bed provides a sleek and modern look to your bedroom, but it can also be difficult to create a visual effect with the lights underneath. LED strip lights are an effective way to create this effect without taking up a lot of space. This is because they're flexible, making it easy for you to shape them into your desired form.

In order to add lighting under your elevated bed frame, you'll need a dimmer switch that allows you to control the brightness of these lights easily. You can choose any type of light color or brightness depending on what kind of mood you want in your room at night. To save money on electricity costs while still creating this effect in your house, consider using RGBIC LED lights instead of traditional incandescent bulbs (which will make more sense when we talk about cost savings).

under the elevated Bed and on the ceiling are installed multi-colored LED strips with a rainbow glow.

5. Attention-grabbing lighting

LED Strip Lights are also a great choice for illuminating patios and outdoor spaces. You can use them to illuminate a pathway or to highlight a garden. You could even use these flexible LED strips to light up your gazebo—a truly unique touch that will turn heads every time someone walks by it!

6. Turn Your Headboard Into a Nightlight

You can use a strip light to illuminate your headboard, which will look really cool in the dark. Just place it behind or under your bed, then turn off all other lights in the room. As long as you have a dimmer switch on your lights and some way to control the strip light from an app (like TUYA/Smart Life ), you’re good to go!

Another cool idea is to use that same LED strip light under or around your nightstands. Doing so will allow them to act as ambiance lighting that doesn’t shine directly onto anything else in the room but still makes things look pretty cool when turned on at night.

Finally, if you want even more flexibility with where you place these things around your home, consider using the Acoshneon LED strips with adhesive backing instead of finding wall mounts or screwing into the woodwork—this way they can easily be moved without damaging anything else in their path!

The headboard is fitted with LED strips and set up with pink lighting as a night light.

7. Create a Custom Backlight for a TV

You can also use the LED strip lights to create a backlight for your TV or monitor. If you have a projector, you can project the image on the wall behind your TV and then use LED light strip on that wall to provide an even glow for watching movies in the dark. If you don't have a projector, simply set up your monitor so that it reflects off of a nearby mirror and into another room with an LED light source such as this one. This will give off similar results as using a projector but without having to worry about any extra equipment like projectors or screen materials like fabric curtains or sheets.

Dream color LED strips are installed on the back of the TV to create ambiance

8. Floating Frame

In this project, you can turn a frame into a floating LED strip light. These lights are very easy to install, wireless, and can be used in any room.

It should be a simple frame without any extra details that might get in the way of your design. If you can’t find exactly what you want, consider buying an inexpensive picture frame and painting it to fit your room’s decor. Then, add LED strips along the top edge of the frame. You can use any type of light strip, but we recommend using acoshneon color-changing LED strips so they can change color to suit your mood when placed in front of artwork or pictures. The final step is to peel off the LED strip backing and mount it on the wall - so you have an instant floating frame!

9. Add a Touch of Modern to Your Closet

You can place LED light strips by running them along the top or bottom of their closets so that they shine down on everything inside. This allows users to see everything in their closets without having any shadows cast by other lights or other objects in the room. You can also be running LED strips along all of the shelves within your closet so that each one looks like it has its own spotlight shining on it from underneath each shelf piece (this will also help keep dust off these items).

Install LED light strips above the interior of the closet to illuminate all the clothes.

10. Create your own workspace light

If you're an artist or a minimalist, here's a fun way to use LED strip lights: create your own workspace light. They can be used to create a low-cost, low-energy alternative to traditional lighting and make for a great space decor project. The LEDs are flexible, so you can bend them into any shape that fits the area where you want to install them. You can also cut them into any length if needed! Here are some ideas for the type of lighting design you can create with LED strips:

  • Light your desk with a red or white light that's not too bright, but enough to create a calm environment for work.
  • Use blue lights to make your workspace look like it belongs in space. The color is said to stimulate creativity and help you focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Create a wall display with LED strips. You can make it as simple or complex as you want by mixing different colors and lengths of LED strips together.
  • Use a strip of lights in your entertainment center to add some visual interest to the area. Or use them around your TV screen—they'll create a cool effect while also increasing contrast so that blacks are blacker and whites are whiter!

A music studio installed with colored LED strips uses red and blue lighting as the main mood lighting.

Light up your home the DIY way with Acoshneon

LED Strip Lights can be a fun and creative way to add a unique lighting effect to your home. With some planning and care, you can use them to create a series of DIY lighting projects, then place the strip where you want them. You can remotely control the color, brightness, and effects of the strips to add personality and style to your space.