6 Warm Mood Lighting Ideas for a Relaxed Bedroom

The bed in the bedroom is adorned with warm color string lights beside it for mood lighting.

Mood lighting can transform the atmosphere in any room, and the bedroom is no exception. Whether you're trying to create a relaxing ambiance for sleep or a cozy atmosphere for intimate moments, the right lighting can make all the difference. Read on to learn how lighting can affect your mood, and find 6 warm mood lighting ideas to add to your bedroom.

How is mood affected by color lighting?

You may be wondering if color can actually change your mood and the answer is yes. Depending on the color of lighting you use, your surroundings may have different effects on how you feel and behave. Where one color can help you feel comfortable, another can energize you. Read on to learn how to use different colors to evoke a certain mood.

  • Cool colors are energizing and inspiring. Because cool lighting is more white or blue, so they're great in kitchens and offices where people need to stay alert. If your kitchen has a lot of cool tones already (such as white cabinets), adding a few pops of vibrant blue will add some extra energy while still fitting with the overall look.
  • Warm colors tend to relax us physically and mentally. Because they are usually yellow, orange, or red, which makes them perfect for bedrooms! While traditional rooms often feature neutral shades like beige or taupe walls or white trim along with light browns or grays for bedding accents like pillows and blankets, introducing more reds into these spaces will give them an instant calming effect without sacrificing style (especially if those red accents are subtle touches like throw pillows).

A living room with gradient mood lighting from purple to blue.

6 warm mood lighting ideas

Now that you understand how color can affect your mood, you can think about some warm mood lighting ideas. From LEDs to mood lights, your new fixtures should blend perfectly into any interior space. Here are six ways you can add warm mood lighting to your bedroom.

1. LED Strip Light

LED strip light is a flexible strip of light, whether on your ceiling or under a bed frame, these LED lights can reinvent any dark, drab space into a luxury hotel experience. With Just through the included remote control or APP, most models can switch from classic warm to a pop of blue or pink. In just seconds, you’ll space into a tranquil space of warmth and comfort.

Acoshneon RGBIC Lights are a particularly original way to change the mood of your space with strip lighting. You can immerse yourself in the fantastic rainbow with the Acoshneon RGBIC Lights, which can display in multiple colors at the same time. You can also segment your LED strip’s colors right from the TUYA app, giving you to instantly match any mood lighting you want to set. The app also offers Acoshenon RGBIC Lights custom modes and music sync effects, allowing you to customize your lighting scheme based on different activities such as reading or watching TV at night.

A bedroom was decorated with LED strips on the ceiling and opted for orange light for mood lighting.

2. LED String Lights

These small decor LED string lights are the perfect solution if you want to create a cozy vibe without any installation. With colors like warm yellow or purple, you can create a peaceful and beautiful glow for your next cozy night at home. You can also opt for colorful string lights to transform your space into a peaceful space of celebration and comfort.

A wall accented with warm-colored LED string lights.

3. Color-changing Lights

Color-changing lights are a great way to create a relaxing mood and atmosphere. The color of your bedroom lighting can be instrumental in helping you fall asleep, but it's also important that it doesn't interfere with your ability to wake up in the morning. If you have trouble waking up on time because of harsh morning light, then consider switching out your standard white bulbs for some soft LED ones instead. They're available in many different colors, so you can choose one that matches your decor or changes based on your mood.

4. Flexible Neon Lights

Neon lights are a fun way to add some color and energy to your bedroom. The retro vibe they give off will make it feel more like a fun place to relax, rather than just a room where you sleep. You can hang them on the wall or ceiling, place them in frames, or get creative with a DIY project using neon lights!

The Acoshneon flexible neon light is a great example. These creative DIY neon lights are the ideal trick for flexible color-changing designs where you can unleash your creativity, from bold colors to serene patterns. Allow you to dive into a whole new world of your own creation. With the TUYA app, you can look at your room in a whole new way - chasing, relaxing, cheerful, you name it. You can also turn on music sync effects, adjust brightness, and set wavy color gradients right from your phone.

A red lighting bedroom decorated with flexible neon lights above the headboard of the bed and DIY'd in the shape of musical notes.

5. Fairy Lights

If you're looking for something less kitschy than Cinderella and more in line with modern aesthetics, consider getting some easy-to-install fairy lights. With their warm soft color and simple design, these would be great for creating a cozy atmosphere without being overly cutesy about it! Whether you want to make your bedtime routine feel more like an enchanted forest or add some romance to date night, fairy lights will do the trick.

The wall next to the bed near the window in the bedroom is decorated with fairy lights for mood lighting.

6. Salt Lamps

The Salt lamps consist of a large chunk of Himalayan salt, which is heated by an electric bulb and emits negative ions into the air around it. The resulting atmosphere is said to be relaxing and calming, but is also known for its purifying abilities: because these lamps produce negative ions (which are believed to help cleanse the air), they can also help fight off allergens like pollen or dust.

The best way to choose a salt lamp is by looking at its shape. You want one that fits well with your decorating style so that it looks natural in your home or bedroom space.

A warm-colored salt lamp is only lit next to the bed to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Set your own mood lighting with Acoshneon

Warm mood lighting is easy to achieve. Simply determine your ideal lighting color and temperature, then find an easy-to-use fixture that checks both boxes. Acoshneon's range of multi-colored lighting fixtures can create a scene for anything that strikes your fancy, from cheerful pinks to cozy greens, and in the case of the Acoshneon RGBIC, literally any color in between. Browse Acoshneon Shop Lights to find the best lamps to create a creative, otherworldly space for yourself.